how to find topics to write for my blog

Where Can I Find Topics To Write For My Blog?

Have you had a moment where you can’t figure out what to write about on your blog? I know I have many times, and the more you try to come up with something, the more it gets hard, today I am going to answer this question and the solution will actually surprise you, I am going to give you 3 places that you can find topics to write for your blog.

And these are places where people are actually going to look for answers which means if you answer their questions in your blog, you will have them visiting your blog a lot because they can find what they are looking for and that means business opportunities for you as a blogger.

Number one place to find topics to write for your blog

Google, I know now you are wondering how can Google help me find a topic to write about? go to Google and type your niche, Let’s say you are in the baby niche, Let’s say your blog is about giving helpful tips to help new moms, now let me show you how this will work

As you can see on the image, I just went to Google and I typed new moms tips and then I scrolled down to the suggestions.

That is where you will get ideas of what other questions people are asking, once you find 3 or 4 topics that interest you, click on the arrow and see how those questions have been answered and make your article more detailed and more engaging and interesting.

Use long-tail keywords and actually those questions are long-tail keywords themselves so just use them.

So on my screenshot, you already have 4 ideas If you are in the baby niche, and you can also use Google trends to see what topics are trending within your niche which will give ideas for a post or two.


Pinterest is very helpful to bloggers and when you sign up for a business account, you don’t even have to search for trending topics on Pinterest because they do send you emails informing you about the hot trends and the topics that people are searching for on Pinterest.


And actually Pinterest even helps you find long-tail keywords for free, just by using their search bar and then you keep adding the words suggested for you let me show you what I mean

how to find topics to write for my blog

As you can see, I typed make money online Then Pinterest gave me suggestions those are words that people are using on Pinterest search which means if you incorporate those phrases in your blog post and then create a pin using the same phrases, you are going to attract tons of traffic to your website.

Using this method is very helpful not only in giving you ideas for your blog posts but also giving you ideas for your pins so you can have great flow of traffic. As I keep saying in almost all my articles, you have to be on Pinterest if you want to succeed in blogging.

Number 3 top place to find topics to write for your Blog is Quora

Quora has been very helpful to me especially recently, I find that not only can you promote your blog on Quora by answering questions and linking your posts, but you can also actually find many ideas for your blog posts just by reading the questions people are asking.

Just join Quora and then choose topics that are related to your niche and follow those topics, then read the questions that people are asking, and then try to come up with posts that answer those questions in details because obviously people are looking for those answers.

its very easy to find ideas for 5 or even 10 articles just on Quora alone, because there are so many questions you can use to come up with articles, so don’t get stuck, get on Quora and just see what people are interested in. one tip though, when answering questions on Quora, don’t leave you links on every answer you give because that could get you in trouble.

if you answer 5 questions, just leave your links on two and make sure your answers are detailed before adding a link, so make two long answers and add your link, then you can answer the other 3 however you see fit.

Don’t get stuck check out the competition

how to find topics to write for my blog

It also helps to see what top bloggers in your niche are talking about and then doing your own research and coming up with a post or two covering that topic, just remember, you are not to copy what the others have written, you are supposed to come up with your own articles.

But having and ideas as to what others are talking about help you create your own content.


Although blogging can be fun, at times it can get frustrating. When you are trying to find topics to blog about and you are not coming up with any. And it gets even worse if Let’s say you have set up your blog in a way that your readers expect you to release new content twice or even three times a week.

Which has to be the case especially for new blogs. You do start to feel the pressure, but if you know where to look, topics are everywhere, and its only time that will limit you on your content creation. These three methods that I have shared today are not the only ones. There is Reddit and there are social media also.

Those are all places to find content ideas for your blog. And of course if your blog is seasoned, you can always outsource meaning you pay someone to write your articles for your, such people can be found on websites like and Fiverr.

Anyway, I hope you have found this helpful, do you have suggestions on how to find topics to write for your blog? please share them with us below.

Thank you for your time and for your comments.


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