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What Is Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp?


One of the problems I see with people when they first join Wealthy Affiliate, is the confusion they get. Because they are not sure whether they should start with the Bootcamp training, or start with the entrepreneur certificate training. The reason they get confused is that they don’t know what the difference is. So in this article, I am going to answer the question, what is wealthy affiliate Bootcamp?

The simple answer is that Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp is an intense online affiliate course. It has over 70 lessons covering every aspect of affiliate marketing, the style of training is, implement as you learn.  Which means at the end of the training you will have a fully functional Affiliate Marketing website that will create passive income for you and you will continue to grow it as you move forward.

Our article today is divided into two parts. One part is going to address the user experience, and advantages of Affiliate Bootcamp training. And the next part is going to address the affiliate aspect of Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp. The benefits and disadvantages of promoting the Bootcamp and Wealthy Affiliate as a whole because the training is built around promoting Wealthy Affiliate. we will start with the user experience and what to expect.

What You Will See When You First Join Wealthy Affiliate

When you signup to join wealthy affiliate, after completing your profile you will be directed to the tour page and after that, to the training page. When you get to the training page, there are two options, one is the entrepreneur certificate, and the other is the affiliate Bootcamp training.

This is where people get confused and start posting a series of questions on the forum asking what affiliate Bootcamp is, and whether they should start with that or start with the entrepreneur certificate. The truth is, both options are very important and actually its recommended that you go through both pieces of training but not at the same time.

wealthy affiliate bootcamp

Before you start the training I would advise that you decide what niche (the topic of your website) you want to venture into, because that will serve as guidance to the training you should start with. for example, if you want to venture into the make money online niche, then the affiliate Bootcamp will be the best training to start with because the Bootcamp is designed for the make money online and affiliate marketing niche.

Although most people who take the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp, do so with plans to promote Wealthy Affiliate, you can still take the Bootcamp training even if you don’t want to promote Wealthy Affiliate, for example lets say you would like to promote another product that’s withing the make money online niche, you can take the Bootcamp training, and promote that product.

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Is A Through Affiliate Online Course

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp training

Basically what Bootcamp does is show you how to do affiliate marketing and how to promote products effectively, it also goes in detail on how to optimize your website for SEO so you can attract organic traffic to your website, it also covers paid traffic by going through in detail how to do PPC campaigns, like how to successfully create and run Google Ads, Bing, and Facebook campaigns.
Now if you want to venture into any other niche, then I would recommend you start with the entrepreneur certificate, but once you are done with that, I will still recommend that you go through the Bootcamp because I think the boot camp is more detailed and has more lessons, with 7 phases each consisting of 10 lessons, I think that’s a detailed training.

I started with the entrepreneur’s course and then I went through the Bootcamp and of course, there are many things that are similar especially in the beginning of both courses but as you go deeper into the Bootcamp, you will find that there are other lessons that are not available in the entrepreneur’s course.

The good thing about Wealthy Affiliate and I know I am starting to sound like a broken record because I have actually mentioned this a few times in my articles. the good thing is that you don’t have to pay extra to access courses, its just time that will limit you because you have all kinds of courses covering all kinds of topics and more are being uploaded each day.

Which means the platform is constantly being updated and new material added.

From An Affiliate Point Of View

If you decide to go into making money online, and especially if you decide to promote Wealthy Affiliate, there some things you need to keep in mind, Wealthy affiliate was created to help people learn how to make money online.  Which means Wealthy affiliate is designed as a pay it forward kind of program, this means that there are no upsells.

Now as good as this is for the user, its not necessarily very good for the affiliate because it only gives you one level of making commissions, but because the user is given up to 6 months where they can work on their 2 free websites, that means the upgrade could take longer than you would like as an affiliate.

The conversion rate of Wealthy Affiliate is termed as 12% but that number has raised a big debate with some affiliates claiming that you would be lucky if you can hit 5% obviously the make money online niche is not an easy niche and when you are promoting a product that offers a lot of value to users for free, then the affiliate might have a hard time making money with the said product.

There Are Affiliates Who Have Made Up To 7 Figures With Wealthy Affiliate

wealthy affiliate bootcamp

There is money to be made promoting Wealthy Affiliate, We have seen the number of super affiliates rise within the wealthy affiliate, and each year the number of people who earn the free ticket to the Super Affiliate Conference that’s held every year in Las Vegas is rising.

What does this mean? it means that those people have referred more than 300 premium sales to Wealthy Affiliate within one year because that is the number required in order for you to win the all-expenses-paid trip to the Super affiliate Conference.

Although I have not made it to Vegas yet, I do hope to make it soon.

What Is The Best Way To Promote Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp?

The best way, in my opinion, is to write many reviews and compare the products you review to Wealthy Affiliate and be as honest as possible because if you refer people to the Bootcamp training promising quick money, things are not going to work out very well for you as an affiliate, Wealthy affiliate makes it very clear that its not one of those get rich quick types of programs.

So by making that message very clear to your referrals, will make things easier.

One of the good things about Wealthy Affiliate is that it’s affordable and also it lets the user give it a test drive without even needing a credit card or any financial information and I think the more people try the program, the more exposure it gets which means more earning opportunities for the affiliates.

Commission Layout

wealthy affiliate bootcamp

If you are a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, for any complete account setup, you will earn $1, for any domain purchase made by your referrals, you will earn $1 for the first discounted month upgrade which your referral will pay $19, you will earn $8 and then they will be paying $49 from there on and you will be earning $23.50 recurring.

For the 6 month plan, your referral will pay $234 and you will earn $108 recurring. If your referral goes for the annual plan which they will pay $359, you will earn $175 recurring.

How Do You Get Paid?

You will get your payment via PayPal on the first day of each month.


Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp is a good training and gives value for money, I will highly recommend it. Because the same kind of training is costing thousands of dollars in other places, so by taking this training you will be able to have a strong foundation for your online business.

And also Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp and the platform as a whole, is a great place to be for anyone who is serious about affiliate marketing. There are so many tools, to help you scale your online business and the platform is always updated with fresh content so you will always find something new to learn.

Now I hand it over to you, have you tried the Affiliate Bootcamp in Wealthy Affiliate? Do you think its worth all the hype? Leave your comments below.

Thank you for your time and comments.


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