Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Review

As I mention in my short video which I shared on YouTube and also on my Wealthy Affiliate review, There are many cool things happening at Wealthy Affiliate, and one of those things is the planned Launch of a standalone hosting brand by Wealthy Affiliate. In this Wealthy Affiliate Hosting review, we are going to compare their hosting to other hosting companies.

We are going to focus on the services offered, Price, and the quality of the hosting. But before we go into that, lets first talk about Wealthy Affiliate, who are they and what do they do? I have written a lot of content on Wealthy Affiliate because I am very familiar with this platform, I spend many hours a day there, creating content for my websites using their site content creation tool.

Wealthy Affiliate Is An Affiliate Training Program But Its Also A Web Hosting Company


In a few words, Wealthy Affiliate is a training program, and it’s also a web hosting company, when you join Wealthy affiliate you will be taught how to build your own WordPress Site, you will purchase your own domain, or use the free domains provided by Wealthy Affiliate. You can also transfer domains that you already own. Also, you will learn how to and join affiliate programs and start promoting products, and services on your website, all done without leaving Wealthy Affiliate ( you don’t have to do a Google search to find affiliate programs to join)

You will be taught how to write blog posts that convert, how to write product reviews, and how to do SEO. You will also learn other very important lessons about online business, like drop shipping, video marketing (very useful to YouTubers) email marketing, social media marketing, and how to run ad campaigns.

So Basically, Wealthy Affiliate is a one stop shop for anyone who is interested in making money online with affiliate marketing, drop shipping, and other aspects of online business. Even if you run an offline business, Wealthy Affiliate will help you get your business online by teaching you how to build a website for your business so you can reach more customers.

Now Let’s Get Into Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Review


Name- Wealthy Affiliate

Website- Wealthyaffiliate.com

Plan- Managed WordPress Hosting

Number Of Websites For Premium- 10 websites

Number Of Websites With Free Membership- 1 website with SSL Certificate, and security

Price for premium membership- $49 monthly, And annual plan at $495( which comes to $29.92 per month) You will also get a free .com domain plus 100 credits to use within Wealthy affiliate( you can request comments for your posts or site audits, to see how your websites appear to your visitors)

That is how prices look like currently, but I will update this review when the standalone hosting brand is unveiled by Wealthy Affiliate, which according to the way things are moving within the platform, it’s going to be very soon.

Remember the above prices are for the full membership at Wealthy affiliate which will include all the training, including the weekly live webinars. A keyword research tool, access to the community, and the owners, as well as the ability to request comments for your website to encourage engagement which the search engines love seeing.

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate Hosting For?

The Wealthy Affiliate hosting is suitable for bloggers who are running WordPress sites, it’s also suitable for someone who is new to websites, because it’s easy to use. With your premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate, you will have access to all the tools you need to build and host your WordPress site successfully.

I must admit, there are some website owners who say that Wealthy Affiliate hosting is too basic, and that at some point you will outgrow Their hosting. Well, I think maybe the management at Wealthy Affiliate have considered this very fact and maybe that is why they have decided to launch a standalone hosting brand.

And Now, Let’s See What Is Offered Within Wealthy Affiliate Hosting


Wealthy Affiliate

Price- $49per month,

Number of Websites- 10

Instant DNS Setup?- Yes

Hosting Speed- Amazon c3.large (faster)

Website Space- 30GB

Bandwidth Included – 5 hundred thousand visitors per month

SSL Certificates- Free

Site Builder Included?- Yes

Staging environment- Yes

Full Redundancy?- Yes, They have a mirror of your website running at all time, in case your website goes down for whatever reason, they will instantly swap, and run the mirrored version of your website, no other hosting company does this.

Enterprise security?-Yes

Daily website backups?- Yes

Access to server admins? Yes, -24/7

Email accounts?- unlimited

Botnet security?- Yes

Website Health Info? Yes

Website Comments?- Yes, ( you can request comments for your posts within Wealthy affiliate to boost engagement, which helps in SEO)

Website feedback?- Yes ( you can also request audit of your website, so you can see how your website appears to your audience)

Community access?- Yes, you have access to over 2 million members within Wealthy Affiliate.

One on one affiliate marketing mentorship?- Yes

Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Provides Much More Than Just Hosting

As you can see, you get a lot when you host your website within Wealthy affiliate, when you take a look at other hosting companies like Bluehost, if you were to host 10 WordPress sites within Bluehost, even if you take their basic plan

You will pay about $40 the first month but after the first month the renewal will cost you $79.9, and remember this is just for hosting services, there are no additional services like site audit, site comments affiliate marketing training, keyword research tool, and all the other services that I mentioned, that Wealthy Affiliate includes in your membership.

Plus the support team within Wealthy affiliate does not only help fix Hosting issues with your website, if you are having other issues, they will help you too. And within the platform there are different classrooms dedicated to sorting out any issues you might encounter.

Whether it’s content creation challenge, or issues concerning WordPress, SEO, or just website design. In my opinion, if you are looking to start an online business by building your own website, then Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be.

As I mentioned earlier, this is not the end of this review, I will keep updating as events unfold.


Having a secure, reliable, fast web hosting is key to success of any website, and that’s exactly what Wealthy affiliate hosting provides, security, reliability, and speed(page load time 1,3 seconds) Their SiteRubix Hosting is designed to give you the very best when it comes to web hosting.

Anyway, I will pause there for now, but I shall be back, But for now, I would like to hear your thoughts, do you have a Word press site, if so which hosting company do you use? are you happy with the services they provide? Please leave your comments below.

Thank you for your time and comments.


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