Top 5 Blog Niches Not Affected By Corona Crisis

Many bloggers are experiencing a drop in sales, depending on your niche, some niches have suffered a major blow, and one of the niches that have suffered a lot is the travel niche. Most travel bloggers are not even sure what to write about now. Because obviously there are no people planning a vacation right now. But in this article, we are going to look at top blog niches not affected by the corona crisis.

Because people are spending so much time at home now, there is nothing else left to do but to be on the internet, So people are searching for things they can do at home, a skill they can learn, an activity they can take part in but without leaving the house. So online workout courses are some of the things that people are searching for because they can not go to the gym

Top Blog Niches Not Affected By Corona Crisis Online Workout Courses


Because of the fact that people are not able to leave the house to go to the gym, the bloggers who have workout sites and have online workout courses, are getting lots of traffic.

That is because, people still need to work out, as matter of fact work out videos are receiving lots of traffic o YouTube, but people would rather follow a work out course because as we all know, YouTube will not give you a routine that you can follow, unless you choose a few videos and use them over and over which becomes boring over time.

When you sign up for a course, you will be attending an online class every day where you are able to proceed from where you left of the previous day.

DIY Projects

I think by the time we are out of this crisis, our homes, gardens, and cars are going to be in great shape, because most people are spending their time fixing things and even building things around the house.

The DIY, websites are flooding with readers trying to find ways of doing different things, so if you give people the solution to their DIY problems and give them a link where they can buy the things they need, then you are happy and they are happy too.


Cooking and especially healthy recipes, people are taking this time to learn how to make different dishes, and also learning how to bake, so if you run a recipe website, then I am sure you are experiencing a spike in your traffic. This would be the time to sell those recipe books and also recommend products, that will help your readers accomplish their cooking goals.

I was actually watching a funny video of someone who said that we have two kinds of the outcome when this crisis is over, we will have a group of people who would have gained a lot of weight due to all the new recipes they are trying out. And we will have another group of people who will be in their best shape due to all the online workout classes they are participating in.

More Top Blog Niches Not Affected By Corona Crisis Online Dating


Are you the dating online niche? Meaning you are giving tips on safe online dating and how to navigate the online dating world? well, most single people are spending their time searching for love, on the internet, and more so now that they have time. I mean since we are all indoors, the singles especially those who live alone, this is the perfect time to search for ”the one”

If You Are In The Online Dating Niche Now Is The Time To Write Lots Of Reviews And Recommendations

So if you are in this niche now is the perfect time to do dating sites reviews, and recommending the best dating apps. There are many online dating programs, that you can join, and actually joining affiliate networks like Cj affiliates, Flexoffers, these networks will give you access to programs like, eHarmony, Elite Singles, and many other dating sites that you can promote and earn commissions. and even Insparx Affiliates, actually this is an online dating affiliate program that can help you earn big commissions with rate being as high as $250 per sale.

The site has many categories for you to promote, like over 50 singles, millennials dating, also, you can target different countries depending on your niche, or you can just join the program and just write reviews on different categories. The options are endless.

In My Opinion, Online Dating Is A Great Niche


To be honest I think the online dating niche is one of the best niches to be in, yes, it is super competitive, but if you narrow your niche and use long tail keywords, you will be able to curve your own spot and make good money online. You can even venture into the no-strings-attached kind of online dating. It’s a bit controversial I know a lady who is in this niche and she is making big money and she even Have a YouTube channel which she managed to grow to 500k subscribers in just 1 year. People are very interested in this niche.

And there are so many websites that are specifically for this niche, one of the biggest site is the and you can find their affiliate program within CJAffiliates and they are not strict at all, they will accept you and you can start promoting their offers immediately and start earning.

Digital Marketing


Right now the most selling products are digital products, anything that people can purchase online, an e-book, a course a software. The digital marketing websites are performing very well right now, people want to be productive during this time and they want to learn something new or read a book.

Of course, others would rather spend hours playing video games, which means the gaming niche is performing rather well. And just recently Amazon had to hire more employees to meet the high demand of customers.



Even though we are in crisis, there are some niches that are performing very well during these times. And there you have it, those are the niches that are doing well. If you haven’t started a blog yet, why not start now? I have also shared an article on low competition niches which I think you might find interesting. Please read it here

Well, I hope you have found my article helpful and informative. Please leave your thoughts below, are you a blogger, are you in any of the niches I have mentioned?

Please stay safe and take care of yourself and those around you.


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