online business opportunities for students

Online Business Opportunities for students


Today’s Article will be focusing on students we are going to shine light on opportunities that students could take advantage of and earn some money while studying, when I was thinking about writing this article, I was thinking about young people and how much time they spend on the internet whether it’s social media or video games.

Young people and specifically students, when they are not studying or partying with their friends, they are online playing games, Actually I was watching my cousins a while back and they were online for many hours chatting and playing games and as I was watching them I asked them, why don’t you find a way to use that internet in a productive manner?

I was online too but I was doing something productive like researching for my next article OK and watching some funny YouTube videos lol 🙂

Of course, they were staring at me as if I was a creature from another planet lol but seriously there are a lot of ways that students can start an online business, OK so Let’s say you like playing video games, it means you know a lot about video games and there is a lot you can say about video games.

Online business opportunity for students, creating reviews of different products.

How about you start a website and you join affiliate programs and then you do video game reviews, like you can write about which video games you recommend and why and you can also talk about which video games you don’t like and why, and then you can link those games on your website and when someone buys through your links, you get commission and make sure you link even the ones you don’t like because there might be someone out there who likes that game that you are not fond of.

OK so Let’s say you like a particulars sport and you know a lot about the sport, why not create a website and blog about that sport and give tips to people who want to perfect their moves? now I know you are asking, where is the business opportunity in that? I will show you, OK, so Let’s say you lie soccer(football as I call it) now you can affiliate with companies that sell sports wear like sports shoes and other gear that’s required in soccer and make money that way.

And actually you can even leverage the training wear as well, there are many things you can promote with a website like that, you promote sportswear for kids, for any age group, and make you some money that way. And in fact, if you join a program like Amazon or eBay, you got everything available for you to promote.

Now Let’s say you are a young lady and you love chatting with your friends on social media, how about you create a website and you blog and invite your friends to comment on your website, search engines like that and Google will be your best friend and this means you can run adverts on your website and make money that way.

To be honest with you, if you take affiliate marketing seriously, you can make serious money read the story of this 21-year-old guy who is making serious money doing affiliate marketing

Read Jerry’s story here you will be amazed
online business opportunities for students

And Let’s say your website is about fashion and makeup, there are millions of products you can promote on your website and make you some good money, imagine joining a company like Boohoo and they do have an affiliate program all you have to do is join CJ formerly commission junction and you will find thousands of affiliate programs, from makeup to skincare, to fashion to jewelry, options are endless.

Another idea I can think of is photography, if you love photography, there is money to be made there too, you can review the best cameras, the best equipment, there is big money in this niche, if you know your way around photography you can start a blog and make your income that way, you can even advertise your work on your website and sell your pictures or offer your services to other business.

Another online business opportunity for students is to start your own online shop

Are you creative? You can start selling things online, for example, you can make your own handmade products and sell them on Etsy, of course this will require a capital to start, because you need to buy the raw material, but if you can start, it’s a good way to make money, of course, you can set up the online store on your website too so people are able to order from your website as well.

Do you have things you can show people? people are always looking to learn new things, so if you have a website showing people how to do things and then you follow that with YouTube videos, you will make money, remember to direct your subscribers to your website so you can grow your business.

Make money by becoming a social media consultant

So since you are spending so much time on Instagram or Facebook, why not make money? there are many companies that would like to hire someone to run their Let’s say Instagram and or Facebook accounts so if you are familiar with Instagram and Facebook and you have some time to spend on the platforms, why not make some money doing so?

Make money by creating pins for companies on Pinterest, are you creative in graphic design? you can approach companies and offer your services to create pins for them, you will need a website so you can send them to your website to see samples, and all you need is a free account on and you are good to go.

People are still not very familiar with Pinterest and Instagram so if you know a thing or two about these two platforms you can earn some cash. So as you can see there are so many online business opportunities for students, don’t just sit there and play video games all day and be broke, play video games as a way to learn and create a review about that particular video game.

Don’t just sit there and chat on Instagram and play with makeup all day, the time you have away from your studies, use it wisely and start your own online business, I know a student who has a very successful website where he is promoting hiking boots and he is doing absolutely great and continuing with his schooling.

But you might be saying that you don’t have time to run an online business, of course, you do have time, the time you are using to play video games is the only time you need, if you can afford to give your business only an hour a day, you will accomplish a lot.

Creating a website is very easy these days

Lets say you start a website which is not difficult to do these days, trust me if I can do it you can too, what if I told you, it will only take you 30 seconds to create a functioning website, on my next article I will share with you how easy it is these days to create your own website. So anyway, Let’s say you create your website, and then you start putting great content on your website.

If you post Let’s say twice a week by the end of the month, your website will have about 8 pages, and that does not include privacy policy and the about me page, so if you include those, you will have about 10 pages on your website, that’s enough to apply for affiliate programs, and when accepted you have already started a business because you will have products on your website.

And if you are very active on social media, you will share your website with family and friends and ask their friends to share as well, and before you know it, you have a fair amount of traffic coming to your site. If you take it seriously and work hard at it, it will pay off and soon you will be making money while you sleep because your business is open 24/7.

Think about it, how many people are using on the internet? billions of people, they are on Google searching for things and usually they won’t make a purchase until they read some reviews first, which is where you come in, Let’s say someone wants to buy a helmet, by the way, I forgot to include bikes cycling is a very good niche.

So if you have created a great review of a helmet, Let’s say when they search on google about the best helmet, your website pop up because you used a good keyword, then they will read your review and then click on the link that you have provided, and then they will make a purchase, and Let’s say the link is an Amazon link, if they buy other things, you will get commission for those things too because they went to Amazon through your link how cool is that?

So I hope you will take advantage of the free time you have and create your own online business. Those are my thoughts, I hope I have given you some ideas to consider, would you like to start your own online business? do you have other side hustles that you would like to share? please do so on the comment section because I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

Thank you so much for your time


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