Is Ysense Legit Or Is It A Scam? My Honest Opinion

This is one of many articles that I have been avoiding to write for a long time but I think its time I share my experience with this site. Is Ysense legit or a scam? I am going to share my honest opinion based on the experience I had on this website. Now I know that there are a lot of people promoting this website and they are putting out very nice reviews out there, hey, it was one of their reviews that made me join Ysense, that time it was known as Clixsense.

I have mentioned many times here that I am not a big fan of survey sites and paid to click sites. And for that reason, you don’t find many survey site reviews here but I have decided to talk about these sites because I see many people joining these sites in hopes of making money online. And if you are reading this, you were probably asking yourself is Ysense Legit or a scam? Well, I will share my opinion, and then it’s up to you to decide if you wanna give them a try.

That is exactly what I did when I first started researching ways to make money online. When I typed ways to make money online, the first two articles I read recommended I join sites like Clixsense, and others. But Clixsens was mentioned a lot and recommended as the best so I joined.

Is Ysense Legit Or A Scam? My Experience Was Not Good


Before it was sold and renamed in 2019, Clixsense, and other reward websites were under investigation by FTC for failure to secure member’s information. Apart from the contact information like email address and phone number, Clixsense collected lots of sensitive information including dates of birth and social security information which they failed to secure read the full report here. They also don’t screen the websites that they send you to, which means there are many fake offers.

Meaning there are some sites posing as survey sites, but all they do is collect your information so they can sell it. Have you ever wondered about sites that advertise email lists, do you ever wonder where they get those emails from the ones they use to make the lists that they put for sale?

I must say that all the surveys I qualified for required my personal information, and in some cases, they even required my physical address.

Now that’s a lot of sensitive information, I must say that I did not give out my physical address but just to try and complete a survey, there were cases where I gave my phone number and that was a big mistake on my part. You should not take part in surveys that require you to give so much personal information especially if you are not sure how they are going to handle your data.

Although Clixsesns assured me that my information is handled with care and its secure, I noticed after joining the site, I started getting suspicious emails, and after completing a few surveys,  my inbox started flooding with all kinds of spam emails I also started getting all kinds of alerts and advertise SMS messages on my phone.

So you tell me if my info was secure why did I start getting all that spam, yet I was not getting before joining the site?

I was forced to delete my email account because I could not deal with all the garbage that was been sent to that email account.

The Success Stories Were Not Truthful In My Opinion


People were posting success stories with a similar amount of money, and I was thinking why is everybody making $400 and how are they making that money because I was participating every single day spending countless hours on the website, yet even after 3 months of being on the site I was not able to reach the minimum cash-out amount which at that time was $8.

When I contacted my sponsor, (that would be the person who’s the review I read) He said that I needed to upgrade (meaning I need to pay for membership) Then to join more survey sites(and upgrade there too), he sent me links to other survey sites. And I need to keep clicking the ads, and referring people, and encouraging them to upgrade and keep clicking ads. Also, he told me that I have to give all my social media info to Clisense. So they can access my followers and that will increase my earnings.

Of course, I did not do that because at that point I had already decided that It was a waste of my time and energy being on that site. Plus I was not gonna upgrade. Although I must admit, I did join other survey sites even after leaving Clisense, I guess the shiny object syndrome had settled in. Plus as I have mentioned many times on my posts. I was really interested in learning how people make money online.

And that means I kept trying one way after another.


So What Is Ysense, And Can You Make Money There?

Ysense is a reward site that pays members for taking part in completing tasks that can include taking a survey, clicking ads and even watching short videos. as I mentioned earlier, the site used to be known as Clixsense, and it was operated by V.Grago Jr, until he sold it to Prodege LCC, this is the same company that runs Swagbucks.

I have also been in Swagbucks and I don’t have good things to say about them either. I hated the fact that they let you give out all your personal information first, and do the survey until half-way, then somehow you are unable to proceed. Some people have also complained that Swagbucks would ban members when they try to cash out their earnings.

So Let’s get back to your question can you make money with this site? is  Ysense legit or is it a scam? Well, I suppose you can make some money but you will have to jump through all kinds of hoops to make $.50 which is what most surveys pay there. People have complained of completing surveys and not being redirected to Ysesne which means you do all that work for nothing because unless you are redirected to Ysense you will not be credited, which means you don’t get paid.

Surveys Are Not Easy To Come By In the First Place, And When You Get One, You Will Be Told You Don’t Qualify

You would have given all that personal info for nothing, wasted your efforts completing the survey for nothing.

You can refer your friends and earn $.30 per sign up, plus if they make $5.00 you will earn a % from their earnings, basically recruit more people to join Ysense.

I must warn you that it’s not easy to qualify for surveys, you could spend up to 10 minutes answering questions, and then you will be told that you don’t qualify Please read these reviews on Trustpilot There are reviews of Ysense as well as Clixsense and I can assure you, people are not happy.

So I guess nothing has changed even after the sale, as a matter of fact, things have gotten worse, take a look for yourself 

If you decide to join Ysense or any other survey site, maybe you should open an email account specifically for that purpose.


So, is Ysense legit or is it a scam? If you read the reviews of Ysense, people who are not happy they are calling it a scam but there are a few who think it’s a legit site to make a little money online in your free time.

There are some websites that I would recommend you try. But to be hones based on the experience I had on Clixsense I would not recommend you waste your time. I would rather you start a Youtube Channel and start growing your following, and once you reach 1000 subscribers you can join Google Adsense. Or start a blog. Or find work from home jobs

And even before you reach the required number of subscribers on Youtube, you can monetize your channel by either selling your own products like printed T-shirts, mugs, hats, etc or by affiliate marketing where you promote other people’s products.

Time is money and I don’t think you should waste your time on sites that will not help you earn some money online.

Thank you so much for your time.


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