How to get traffic for your website fast

How To Get Traffic For Your Website Fast With Pinterest


The success of any website is determined by the ability to drive traffic to your website, although it’s easy to get traffic by spending money, most people want to drive traffic to their websites without spending money on paid traffic. so today I am going to share with you how to get traffic for your website fast.

I am Going To Focus On Pinterest But There Is A Bonus If You Read To The End

In this article, I am mainly going to focus on Pinterest but if you read until the end, I will share a little secret that will boost your website traffic for free and you only need to spend about 20 minutes a day doing what I will share and you will see results very quickly.

Don’t worry I am not selling any course, I have read these kinds of blog posts before and I get very annoyed when people promise one thing and then you find its all smoke and mirrors and they are not sharing anything substantial, they are just promoting their books and courses.

The only thing I will mention here is my youtube video which you can watch here, it’s about how to create a pin for Pinterest using canva

Mine is not one of those articles, I just want to share with you how you can get traffic for your website fast because I have been there where you are today, when you work so hard and you don’t see visitors to your website, I understand how discouraging it can be and it can even make you feel like giving up on blogging.

 This Is How To Get Traffic For Your Website Fast With Pinterest

how to get traffic for your website fast

The first thing we need to discuss is what Pinterest is, a lot of people get confused when it comes to Pinterest and that’s why there are gazillion courses on how to use Pinterest. But you just need to know three things when it comes to Pinterest, you need to know that Pinterest is a search engine,  the first thing you need to know is that you need to treat Pinterest as a search engine.

The same way you treat Google is the same exact way you need to treat Pinterest, the difference between Pinterest and Google is that Pinterest is a visual search engine meaning its image-focused, and you need to know what kinds of images to use on your pins in order to attract repins and clicks. Luckily Pinterest itself gives you guidelines on dimensions, colors and the type of images to use when creating pins.

Hashtags Are Actually Keywords

You need to know the correct way to use Hashtags on Pinterest the second thing you need to know, is how to properly use the hashtags on Pinterest, unlike Instagram twitter and other social media platforms, the #tags on Pinterest are actually keywords that will help people find your pins which means traffic to your website.

The best way to find keywords is by typing something that is related to your pin on the search bar on Pinterest and see what suggestions you will get, then you need to find a way to incorporate those keywords in the description of your pin as well as use some of the keywords as hashtags.

For example, if your pin is about, best recipes for weight loss, you need to type that phrase on the search bar and see what Pinterest will suggest.

Get To Know Your Targeted Audience

The third thing you need to know is your targeted audience the reason why you need to know your targeted audience is that if you are in Europe and your targeted audience are in America, you need to figure out how you are going to pin your pins at the time when the people you are targeting are awake.

Of course, you can use tools like Tailwind to schedule your pins or you could stay awake long enough to pin them manually. Or, you could take the easy way out, and use Pinterest itself to Schedule your pins. Pinterest gives you the ability to schedule your pins up to 14 days in advance, and you get to choose the time of day when you want your pins to publish. I think this feature is super cool.

Which Niches Perform Well On Pinterest?

how to get traffic for your website fast

Well, because Pinterest is very female-oriented platform its actually about 80% of users of Pinterest who are women and what this means is that niches that are female-oriented do very well, examples are beauty and skin care, pets, parenting, DIY projects,  home decor, and remodeling, travel, health and fitness, cooking, fashion, and photography. Gardening, Knitting, weddings, and parties.

It Does Not Mean Other Niches Don’t Do Well On Pinterest

This is not to say that other niches won’t do well, but the ones I have mentioned do extremely well on Pinterest when creating pins, I would suggest using images that have the following colors, Orange, blue, yellow or green, I have seen my pins that have these colors perform very well, as a matter of fact, I had a pin that had a picture of a bowl of fruits and that pin has been doing very well.

When using Pinterest, remember that you need to be consistent, you need to pin every single day if you can, you don’t need to necessarily create your own pins every day, but you need to be active on Pinterest pinning other people’s pins especially if you are a part of group boards.

You do need to create pins and links to your claimed website at least twice a week. Click here to learn how to claim your website on Pinterest

Enable Rich Pins To Get More Traffic From Pinterest

Another thing that will help you get traffic for your website fast, using Pinterest is enabling rich pins, there are many tutorials on how to enable rich pins. but what are rich pins? they are the kinds of pins that you pin directly to Pinterest from your website and Pinterest is able to pull out more information about the article where the pin is located by using meta tags and descriptions.

You will need to Enable Rich Pins

So basically you are allowing Pinterest to crawl your page and pull out information to include on the pin, which increases the chances of people clicking on your pin to read your content. if you are using Yoast here is a tutorial on how to enable rich pins click Here to enable rich pins in Yoast

I have to admit, when I was searching for enabling rich pins using the All in One SEO Pack Plugin, I was having a hard time finding a tutorial, and actually, I only found one which I will share with you just in case you are also struggling to find one. The thing is I did not want to move to Yoast because I like the all in one SEO. And of course, it’s not advisable to use both.

So If you are using the All in One SEO Plugin and you want to enable rich pins, this is the tutorial I used, Click Here

After you have done all the things I have mentioned, then you need to get on and start creating pins and linking them to your articlesAnd if you don’t know where to find free images for your pins, don’t worry, I got you covered.

How to Find Free Images to Use For Your Pins

how to get traffic for your website fast does provide you with free images, type what kind of image you want on the search bar in and then you have to scroll and find the free ones because they are mixed up with the premium ones that will have a watermark. So just scroll until you find the image that says free on it.

Another way to find free images is by going to a website called Pixabay, there you will find millions of free images to use, and they cover every niche so you should be able to find an image to use on your pin, you do need to download the image to your computer and then upload it to canva.

You Can Also Find Free Images On

Pexels is another site that has millions of free to use images that you can leverage.

Now as I promised I am going to share with you as a bonus because you’ve been so kind and you have read this far into my article, I will share a secret with you that will see the number of clicks on your website rise. And the beauty of it is just like Pinterest, you don’t have to spend money promoting your website.

You just need time, and you are going to spend approximately 20 minutes a day doing what I am about to share, are you intrigued? OK, it’s not a top-secret actually, its a website called Quora, this is a website created by two guys who used to work for Facebook.

Its A Place Where People Post Questions And If You Commit To Answering A Few Questions A Day, You Will Drive Free Organic Traffic To Your Website

Quora is a place where people post questions and your job is to find questions that fit within your niche and answer them and make sure to share a link to an article on your website. If you answer the question in detail but leave you link saying something like, if you would like to learn more, here is an article that provides more information, that I think you might like. Bam! then you drop your link.

If you do this at least 20 minutes a day, you will see improvement in your website traffic, the good thing about Pinterest and Quora, they really don’t care about your website being young, if you have rich content, they will send you traffic. Google on the other hand, if your website is not at least 6 months old, they do not send you much traffic.

So I think the methods I have shared here today, are the best methods to get traffic for your website fast and for free, you just need time, because you are going to be spending time especially on Pinterest.


Starting a new website can be challenging and at times heartbreaking because getting traffic to your website is the hardest thing unless you have money to get paid traffic. And this is why I decided to give you some tips on how you can utilize Pinterest, and drive traffic to your website for free.

if you are a blogger and you are not taking advantage of Pinterest, then you are losing out big time, you need to create a business account on Pinterest pronto like right now.

Anyway, thank you so much for reading my article, and please tell me what you think on the comment section.

Thank you for your time


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  1. Hi Rose,
    I hope you’re well.
    Another great post, one that has inspired me to do more with my Pinterest account.
    I visit your site for motivation and inspiration and I am never disappointed.
    I have made a good start on Pinterest with several boards for my gardening blog and my garden travel blog…but I really must do better. Pinterest should go on my daily ‘to do list’ along with my other social media commitments
    Quora is interesting too and I can’t keep putting off setting up something there.

    Thank you for the proverbial kick up the backside!

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