5 Things To Do While Under Quarantine

OK, so the whole world has shut down due to the Corona Virus outbreak. Here are 5 things to do while under quarantine. The coronavirus also known as COVID-19 has caused lots of fear and panic all over the world. Schools are closed, and even restaurants are closed.

People have gone toilet paper crazy, for some reason, people have decided that hoarding toilet paper is the most important thing to do during this crisis. You would think that they would be worried about things like food and other survival necessities. Anyway let’s see what are some things to do while under quarantine besides toilet paper hoarding lol

5 Things To Do While Under Quarantine #1 Check The Stock Market

If you have some money to invest in stocks, this is the right time to buy shares in companies that you are interested in. But you need to have long term investment in mind. Because obviously the stock market will take time to recover from this crisis. Right now most shares have dropped in price. Trust me I am feeling the pitch because husband and I had invested in some shares and they have dropped in price dramatically.

Our bank lady advised us to stop checking on the shares because we will just keep spoiling our days. She says once the corona crisis is behind us, things will start picking up again. So, if you have some money that you can invest in shares, I say go for it. I do feel sorry for people who had large investments in stock because some have lost big money so far.

And if things keep going the way they are going, I think people will lose even more money. But hopefully, we will fight this thing and things will get back to normal soon.

#2 Start Your Own Online Business, By Building Your Own WordPress Site


One of the things that the companies have learned from this crisis, is the importance of working remotely. Companies that have a set up where their employees can work online are not feeling the Corona crisis. Not as much as those who don’t have the working online setup.

The next group of people who are not feeling the pitch so much are those running their own online business. I understand that those people who are promoting physical products especially those who are promoting Amazon, eBay products, might feel the pitch a bit because shipping companies are probably not working.

Plus the majority of products sold on Amazon and other websites are manufactured in China. This means the production is low at the moment which translates to a drop in sales.

But for websites that promote digital products, its business as usual. And actually, since most people are home now and surfing the internet, this means chances of people purchasing digital products like courses, books, and other internet-based services are very high.

Creating Your Own Website Takes Less Than A Minute

As I keep saying, creating your own website takes less than a minute these days. And you don’t need any website building knowledge. Its actually just a matter of a few clicks and your website is up. Do you want to try building your own website in 30 seconds?

Click Here Right Now

It’s super easy these days to start your own online business and start working on earning passively from home, ance you decide what kind of website you want to build example what kind of niche (the topic of your website) Then you just need to join a few affiliate networks and start adding content to your website and sharing your affiliate links.

And by the time the quarantine is over, you will have a running website that you can continue working on when you have free time. Don’t waste your time on social media or Netflix, do something productive with your time. Something that will generate income as time goes by and as you continue working on it.

 More Things To Do While Under Quarantine #3 Help Deliver Food To Those Who Have Been Diagnosed With COVID-19


If you know people who are not able to leave their house due to self-isolation as a result of positive tests, or are told by the doctors not to leave their house. Then offer to help do their grocery shopping, or take them some food and other necessities.  Including toilet paper but only if it’s needed but not for hoarding lol. Or just facetime them and have a chat so they don’t feel so lonely.

And remember the symptoms of COVId-19 do not include the frequent need for bathroom read here, so no need for all that toilet paper.

To be honest, I never thought something like this could happen and it really feels sad that everything is closed and people are just staying at home, so if you can facetime someone especially those who live alone, please do so. Or just give them a normal call. Its times like these that we really need to check on each other even if it’s by a phone call.

#4 Do Some Work On Your House And Garden

I had some WiFi, troubles, and I was absolutely lost, I could not believe that the WiFi had decided to act up when I need it the most. Actually I never realized just how WIFI dependant I am until it was gone, I felt like I would not survives especially since the Wifi broke on Friday which meant I would have to go through a whole weekend without access.

Anyway, during the weekend I was able to accomplish lots of things including getting the garden in shape by cleaning it out, giving my flowers some fertilizer and adding more flowers so now the garden is ready for spring. So, don’t spend all your time on social media, check out your place and see if there are things that need your attention.

Things that you didn’t have time for before but now since you are home, you can fix them.

#5 Learn A New Skill, Like Taking A Course In Affiliate Marketing


Of course, you knew there was no way I was going to close the list without mentioning affiliate marketing. These days you can learn just about anything online. You can learn to cook, you can learn to play the guitar, or piano, you can even learn how to sing. But if you want to learn affiliate marketing, then I suggest you join the program that taught me everything I know about affiliate marketing.

Grab ten lessons for free, no credit card required, just your email address.

By combining Number three on this list with learning affiliate marketing, you will be able to set up your online business ready for earning you extra income.


There are many things that you can do to keep yourself busy and productive during this crisis, so put your time to good use. And remember to follow the advice that we are given. wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and when you have no access to water and soap, make sure you have hand sanitizer, and it has to be 60% alcohol.

Eat healthily, increase your Vitamin C, and D intake. keep a distance of at least 5 feet (about 1.5 meters) from people, And most of all, don’t panic and don’t clean out the supermarket shelves of toilet paper.

Thank you so much for your time and I wish you and your family good health free of Corona Virus. Take great care of yourself.

Please share your thoughts below, how are you spending your time at home?

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